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5. i HEART Drawing : easy figure drawing




This is the Welcome Video to the new workshop. It gives you a feel for the relaxed and fun nature of my workshops.

This means that I will be completely reorganising the classroom, editing videos and refreshing all of the information.
As a class group we move through the revised edition together!
'Live' doesn't mean you need to be at the computer screen for a broadcast,
once the information is up week by week, you have lifetime access to it.
Past, current and new students are all equally welcome to join in the fun!

Learn to draw the female figure with ease and confidence!

My Super Power is teaching you to draw beautiful faces, but my secret weapon is showing you just how easy it is to render a female figure from realistic, to fashion and whimsical. This class is all about drawing figures with ease and confidence.  My first job was as a Fashion Illustrator, and over the years I devised my own methods for drawing beautiful, in-proportion figures. I will show you, in step-by-step detail,  my various methods of drawing the figure, including my Secret Heart Technique in this self guided workshop.


We deal with hands, feet, legs, arms and profiles in detail. The results my students have achieved have been fantastic! I have seen "I can't draw a stick figure" people build up to gorgeous illustrations. If you have done my Supplies Me Workhop, this is the next step ...you are ready for I Heart Drawing.  Being able to draw a full person is creative confidence building at its finest. The human figure is regarded as the hardest thing to draw, but with my tips and techniques and your joyful practice, you can master this.  



  • 8 Comprehensive Lessons.
  • Over 30 high quality instructional videos. 
  • Lifetime Access
  • Study at your own pace

This online class is all about drawing people with ease and confidence!

You can study at your own pace.

I have designed the class so that each Lesson is based on a week, but you can take your time as the classroom is open to you for it's lifetime.
You have unlimited personal access to the videos and materials and can come back to review, refresh and rewatch them whenever you like.

This is a wonderful way to give you a push start and keep you creative with lots of a-ha moments as you unravel your ideas that drawing is complicated! 
Come and peek over my shoulder to see illustrations and artwork take shape.


In each Lesson we build the body step-by-step until we have built up beautiful, complex, layered illustrations.

But you are not learning by rote. Your own style is encouraged to come forth and shine because my techniques foster your own creativity ( pretty awesome, right?!).


"Hi,  I love this class.  I am amazed at how far I have come in such a short amount of time.  My favorite ones were to draw the lady’s walking the runway and learning how to twist the body with volume.  Here are a couple showing off their new aprons.  In the collage I put in a drawing from Supplies me class with the girls on bikes and my progression of this class... Thanks Jane for all your great videos and the feedback you gave me.  I’m going to watch the bonus videos next.  I can’t wait until Joynal!  I have been waiting for this class since Supplies me.  I love faeries!"

Colleayn Klairbourne

Some examples of fantastic student Homework


Workshop FAQ's

"Is this an advanced class?"

I prefer you have completed my foundation class "Supplies Me" before tackling this one. In 'Supplies Me' we start with my basics for bodies and faces, as well as how to master your art supplies. All of those skills are a  great foundation for 'I Heart Drawing', but I leave the decision to you!

more Workshop FAQ's


For full details on the workshop you can click here, and come back to this page when you are ready to join.


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