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6. JOYnal - Drawing Fairies & Magic to You!




This extensive workshop is an exploration in drawing and painting fairies, pixies, elves, mermaids and storybook heroines. We create our JOYnal in an altered book ( which is SO FUN and I show you how to create one) and we make a large Storybook journal so you can really spread your creative wings.


Create your own fairies and fairy tale characters.

 There are  8 comprehensive Lessons of magic, shimmer, whimsy, drawing, painting, creative support and fun. As with all my online Workshops, you have lifetime access, so you can take your time and rewatch the videos whenever you like.

 My entertaining and highly information rich videos guide you step by step to drawing many styles of whimsical figures and faces. You also have full tutor support and get feedback on your artwork from me, as a professional artist. I have mentored thousands of my students to creative confidence.

Joynal is open for self guided study and you can get creating right now!


My aim is to get your art courage flying through inspirational artwork and a supportive, artistic community.
This online class will take your creative skills forward in great bounding leaps and into the realms of fairyland.


So what is a JOYnal?

I love creating in a sketchbook, or 'Art Journal'. But in this workshop your journal will become so much more. We will magically conjure our Joynals from altered books, so that ideas can flow,and the temptation to be ‘perfect’ and only create ‘master pieces’ is well and truly avoided.

We will be making a mess, stretching our imagination and letting it fly free! Conjuring up, re-imagining, drawing and painting all sorts of fairytale characters from mysterious fey creatures to cute garden fairies and their cohorts.


 Student testemonials :

" I have truly loved this class, Jane!  Well, your classes are the best that I have experienced, and I have enjoyed all three (Supplies Me, I Heart Drawing, and Joynal).  But, I have tried to understand why this is the best for me.  I think part of it is the topic, Fairy Tales:   Fanciful, carefree, my escape from the real world.  Maybe, part is that I have gained some knowledge about art and have more confidence in my ability.  But, I think the heart of it is the topic of this workshop and the whole approach you took to the workshop.  My inner critic was able to take a mini-vacation, and I felt free to play.  I cannot thank you enough for that, for  your wonderful videos and for your awesome feedback about my art.  I can hardly wait for the next class. "



"Jane.....this is NOT goodbye....just a small lull until our next online class with you!!!!  This is my third class with you now ...   I can see it myself, how much I have grown into my art.  Thanks to you I have heaps more confidence both in drawing (love faces now) and creative expression.   I really love all your classes, videos, explanations, personality, caring attitude and wonderful teaching in ALL things big and small!!!  "


Drawing fairies is great practice for figure drawing and they have the power to lift the spirit as you are doing so.

An added bonus is having the confidence to sit with a child and draw a fairy for them - believe me - if you want to impress a little munchiken, draw a fairy or mermaid for them - you will be the best Mummy/Mommy/Aunty/ Granny/Nanna/Fairy Godmother ever!

As with all my classes, concrete skills lie at the base of each lesson and my skill in bringing out your own style. l will have you trying new things and excavating your imagination  to create juicy, amazing artwork in the form of fairytales.Some of these skills include:

  • Step by step tutorials on how to create Flower Fairies, Fairytale Heroines, Pixies, Elves, Unicorns and Mermaids!

  • Altering vintage books into a juicy, idea inspiring 'Joynal'.
  • Drawing Fairy wings.
  • Creating characters.
  • Creating Shimmer.
  • Drawing hair & dresses that flow in the wind!
  • Inventing costumes.
  • Drawing from a reference to create any mythical beast.
  • Appropriating and altering existing photographs.
  • Incorporating your existing work into new pieces!
  • Drawing all sorts of faces from your imagination!

Art, like life, doesn’t have to be serious to be meaningful!



Joynal assumes you have completed my other workshops:  Supplies Me and I Heart Drawing. 'Supplies Me' teaches not only HOW to use your art supply stash,  but also the basics of drawing faces and figures from your imagination. In Supplies Me you discover your favourite art-supplies to use as your magic wands!
My figure-drawing e-course I Heart Drawing, will get your creative confidence soaring. 
These are not pre-requisites, but are highly recommended.

But I leave this assessment totally up to you.
If you feel ready to fly with the fairies...then join in the fun!



Save when buying multiple courses!


When you purchase several of my classes at once in one of my packages, you get a lovely, juicy discount too!




Online classes are an investment of your time and energy as well as your money
and you want concrete skills as well as fun and the most creative results!
I pour my energy into my class materials, and am equally available in the classroom.

Assisting your creativity is important to me...it's the reason I love to teach.

Are you ready to flutter off to magical Joynal wonderland with me?

I would love you to join in!


Jane | Danger


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In Joynal we also create a Studio Muse from a customised doll! I love to use Monster High, Ever After High and LaDeeDah dolls!

You can find them here:



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